Locations in Clarkston and Royal Oak Michigan


Aubrey Emerson

As the owner of Clarkston and Royal Oak Makeup Studio Aubrey has been expanding her skills as not just a makeup artist but a successful business woman. Aubrey has been a makeup artist for over 11 years and continues to put all of the passion and creativity into her craft as she brings makeup into the next generation. Aubrey's services include eyebrow arching, makeup application, and makeup lessons.


Katie Kogut

Katie  has been in the makeup field for almost ten years. Starting with an art background, she eventually got her esthetician license. She proceeded to work for Lansing’s ABC Channel 7 and Americoif. She has also spent 8 years working in salons and on countless photo shoots and fashion shows. She loves the world of glamor and enhancing someone’s natural beauty with eyebrow shaping and makeup.